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Potato Salad

Potato Salad


• 500g/17.6oz of new potatoes (7-8 potatoes).
• 1/2 to 2/3rds of a red onion.
• 2 teaspoons of dried oregano.
• 3 teaspoons of dried dill.
• A pinch of chilli powder (paprika, preferably).
• 1 teaspoon of turmeric.
• 2 tablespoons of créme fraîche.
• 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise.
• 10 tablespoons of yoghurt.


This is my Dad’s famous potato salad. It’s probably pretty different from what you’re used to, but it’s worth giving a try. It’s delicious! Serves 3.

1: Take a pan and half fill it with water, put it on a high heat. Salt the water well.

2: When the water is boiling add 500g/17.6oz of new potatoes (which is around 7 or 8 potatoes), adjust the heat to maintain a gentle simmer.

3: The potatoes will take around half an hour. While they cook finely chop a half to 2/3rds of a red onion and add to a bowl.

4: Test the potatoes with a fork. When they’re tender, drain them and place them on the chopping board, allow them to cool enough that they can be handled. Don’t be impatient, you really really don’t want to try cutting these while they’re hot.

5: Once they have cooled down, chop them into 1 inch/2mm cubes. You can take the skin off if you must, but I would leave it on. It’s where a lot of the nutrients are and it tastes good (in my opinion).

6: Add the potatoes to the bowl.

7: Now add 2 teaspoons of dried oregano, 3 teaspoons of dried dill, a pinch of chilli powder and 1 teaspoon of turmeric (although all of those can be adjusted to taste). The turmeric is how you can tell this is one of my Dad’s recipes.

8: Then add 2 tablespoons of crème fraîche, 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise and 10 tablespoons of yoghurt.

9: Mix the ingredients all together.

10: Chill this for at least half an hour, although this can be made up to a day ahead.