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Perfect Couscous

Perfect Couscous


Vegetable or meat stock.
Olive oil.


A feasible way to make soft, delicate couscous. An ideal side dish. This is more a technique than a recipe, and can be used to make any amount of couscous for any amount of people.

1: Put a pan onto medium high to high heat.

2: Take any volume (1 cup, 2 cups etc) of vegetable or meat stock and add to a pan. 1 cup/240ml will serve around 3 people.

3: As the stock heats up, add the same volume of couscous that you did of the stock to a bowl or mug.

4: For every one cup or 240ml of couscous, add a teaspoon of olive oil, then stir it in. Make sure all of the couscous is coated.

5: When the stock is simmering, turn the heat off and add the couscous. Quickly put a lid on the pan.

6: Wait three minutes. Remove the lid and fluff the couscous up with a fork, then serve.

You can cook whatever vegetables you like in the stock before you add the couscous, and put any herbs or spices you like into the couscous once it’s cooked to add more flavour.