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Cheese Lentil Bake

Cheese Lentil Bake


• 300g/10.5oz of red lentils.
• 3 large red onions.
Olive oil.
• 300g/10.5oz of extra mature cheddar.
Salt and pepper, lots of pepper.


A hearty and delicious bake perfect for even the most particular diner. Serves six. This dish is pretty much the taste of my childhood. It was my favourite dish as a kid and the first thing I learnt from my Dad to cook myself.

1: Fill a big pan with 700ml/3 cups of water and put on a high heat.

2: Once the water is boiling, turn the heat down to medium-low and add 300g/10.5oz of well washed red lentils.

3: Cook the red lentils until the liquid is fully absorbed, this will take between ten and fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, chop three large red onions.

4: Place a frying pan onto medium heat, add about a tablespoon of olive oil and put in the onions.

5: Fry the onions until they are soft and sweet, which should also take between ten and fifteen minutes, then add the onions to the lentils.

6: Grate 300g/10.5oz of mature cheddar, add most of it (saving about 20%) to the lentils. Stir the pan.

7: Once the cheddar has melted into the lentils, transfer into a baking dish.

8: Sprinkle the remaining cheddar on top, and place the baking dish into a pre-heated 190c/370f/Gas Mark 4-5 oven for one hour, or until the top is crispy and browned.

9: Once it’s served onto a plate it’s important that, before eating, you crack over a very generous amount of black pepper and a little salt.

While my palette my have gotten a bit more refined since I was a little highlander, this is still one of my favourite comfort foods. I hope you enjoy it.