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Baked Eggs

Baked Eggs


1 onion.
• 4 cloves of garlic.
Olive oil.
• A big handful of fresh coriander/cilantro.
• 400g/12oz of tinned tomatoes or passata.
• 1 teaspoon of dried oregano.
• 2 teaspoons of maple syrup or honey.
2 eggs.
• Some grated cheddar.
Salt and pepper.
Toasted bread.


An easy cheesy tomato and egg side dish. Serves 2-3.

1: Dice one onion and finely dice four cloves of garlic.

2: Stick a pan onto a medium heat. Add a glug of olive oil then the chopped onion.

3: Stir occasionally, the onions should take about ten minutes to soften up.

4: While they're cooking, chop up a big handful of fresh coriander/cilantro.

5: Once the onions have softened up, add the garlic and cook for another minute.

6: Add 400g/14oz of tinned tomatoes or passata, then the chopped coriander/cilantro, a teaspoon of dried oregano and two teaspoons of maple syrup or honey.

7: Stir, then add the sauce to a baking dish.

8: With a spoon, make two troughs in the sauce for the eggs to go in, then crack one egg into each of them. Generously dust the top with grated cheddar.

9: Put a little olive oil over the top of the whole thing, about a tablespoons worth, then sprinkle over some salt and pepper.

10: Place the baking dish into a pre-heated 200c, 390f or gas mark 6 oven for 12 minutes or until the yolks have barely set.

11: When you think it's ready, give the baking dish a careful shake. You should be able to tell by eye if the egg is still liquid, if it is then put it back into the oven for a few more minutes and test again. Before serving, mix up the egg and sauce with a spoon.

12: Serve onto toasted bread.

Dig in.